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Our History

Qingdao BioHoer Biotech Co., Ltd is a modern Chinese medicine production group company integrating traditional Chinese medicine cultivation, Chinese medicine slice processing, Chinese patent medicine manufacturing, product research and development, import and export trade. The company's total assets are more than 20 million yuan. It composed of Shandong Zhongchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huaxuan Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Nanyang Jiuzhou International Trade Co., Ltd.The main products of the company are Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese patent medicine preparations, Chinese herbal extracts, especially for export refined herbal medicine has a unique processing technology and production capacity. Products are exported to South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hungary and other countries. In 2022, the group's sales revenue is about 100 million yuan, including imports and exports of about 2 million US dollars. Strive to become the largest concentrated extracts of medicinal materials, Chinese herbal decoction pieces, Chinese herbal formula particles, Chinese patent medicine research and development, production and sales as one of the modern pharmaceutical enterprises.

Our Factory

The research and development headquarters of Beicheng Hivo Biotechnology Group is in Qingdao, with more than 1500 square meters of research and development laboratories, experimental equipment and facilities, and equipped with several sets of advanced testing instruments, and strong technology research and development capabilities. There are more than a number of undergraduate and undergraduate professional and technical personnel, including 2 postgraduate students and dozens of undergraduates. In terms of planting of medicinal materials, the company mainly plants and promotes Shandong authentic medicinal materials, the main varieties are salvia miltiorrhiza, five-finger peach, ginger, hundred parts, ground ginseng, toad venom and so on. In terms of natural medicine extraction, the company has continuously developed new products with advanced extraction technologies such as enzymatic extraction and supercritical extraction. The main products include tanshinone extract, Eucommia ulmoides extract, Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, fructus amabilis extract, ginsenoside extract, wormwood essential oil, yellow rosewood essential oil, goose deoxycholic acid, star anise oil, etc. Since its establishment, Beicheng Haiwo Chinese Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has made excellent achievements in the cultivation, promotion and extraction of Chinese medicinal materials, showing a good development momentum and potential, and has been recognized by the same industry. We sincerely hope to establish multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperative relations with customers at home and abroad, and work together for common development.

Product Application

We supply raw materials and intermediates to a wide range of companies worldwide, from large multinational corporations to small individual companies.

Product use: food, food additives, raw materials, intermediate products, cosmetics, oem of proprietary Chinese medicine, etc.

Our Certificate

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