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Plant Extracts

Plant Extracts

Plant extracts refer to substances extracted or processed from plants (all or a part of them) using appropriate solvents or methods, and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, and other industries.

There is a conceptual overlap between plant extracts and herbal extracts. The raw materials for plant extracts in China mainly come from traditional Chinese medicine, so domestic plant extracts can also be referred to as traditional Chinese medicine extracts to some extent.

Plant Essential Oil

Plant Essential Oil

Plant essential oil is extracted from the unique aromatic substances of plants, extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, seeds, resins, etc. of herbaceous plants through distillation and pressing. Due to its high volatility and small molecular size, fragrant essential oils are easily absorbed by the human body and can quickly penetrate internal organs, expelling excess components from the body. The entire process only takes a few minutes. The fragrance of the plant itself directly stimulates the secretion of hormones, enzymes, and hormones in the pituitary gland, balancing body functions and playing a role in beauty and skincare. It can be imagined that the secrets of essential oils to the human body are extremely broad. And essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of aromatic plants.

What are the benefits of plant essential oils?

1. Air purification: The most recognized function of essential oils is their ability to clean the air and improve environmental pollution. When the fragrance of essential oils spreads in the air, it also has a sterilizing and disinfecting effect on the air.

2. Promote metabolism: Essential oils will penetrate the skin in eight to ten minutes, then reach the blood and lymph, delivering them to various organs in the body, allowing cells to obtain sufficient nutrients. Therefore, essential oils can accelerate the body's metabolism.

3. Promote skin absorption: Plant essential oils can promote the generation of new skin cells, stimulate the growth of cells in the body, maintain and improve aging skin, and moisturize and moisturize the skin. Plant essential oils can also disinfect injured skin, eliminate infections caused by injuries, reduce swelling and inflammation, and enhance the biochemical vitality of the skin. It can also help repair scars and heal wounds, enhancing the skin's resistance to external invasion.

4. Dropping a few drops of essential oil into the hot water for soaking feet can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and meridians, as well as removing athlete's foot and foot odor.

5. The aromatic plant essence oil can directly reach the nerve line of human brain, accelerate the elimination of nervous tension, relieve psychological obstacles and pressure, and release the mentally trapped and have a happy mood. In addition, the fragrant essence oil penetrates into the blood through the pores and brings it to all parts of the body to make you energetic.

Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones

Soybean isoflavones are flavonoid compounds, a class of secondary metabolites formed during soybean growth, and are a bioactive substance. Due to being extracted from plants and having a similar structure to estrogen, soy isoflavones are also known as phytoestrogens. The estrogenic effect of soy isoflavones affects hormone secretion, metabolic biological activity, protein synthesis, and growth factor activity, making them a natural chemopreventive agent for cancer.

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