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Chili Extract

Chili Extract

Chili extract can promote blood circulation, enhance the body's metabolism, accelerate fat burning and decomposition, inhibit cell absorption of fat, improve obesity, and achieve a one-time success in weight loss. It contains natural plant ingredients that make the skin red, tender, white, smooth, and elastic. It can warm and dispel cold, promote digestion and digestion, and is used topically to treat chilblains, rheumatic pain, and lower back muscle pain. Seed oil is edible.

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Product Description

Flavor enhancers and colorants are made from capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) as raw materials and are extracted, separated and refined using scientific methods. They are integrated products of capsaicin in capsicum. The main components are capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin. , reduced dihydrocapsaicin and other ingredients. The main specifications include oil-soluble, water-soluble, decolorized, powder, etc., which can effectively improve the spiciness of compound seasonings, instant noodles, snack foods and other foods, with pure taste and easy use. We remove rhodamine B through advanced processing techniques to meet our customers' food safety needs. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry such as analgesia, anti-rheumatism, stomach and digestion, weight loss drugs, etc. It can also be used as biopesticides, tear gas, defense sprays, etc.

Product introduction

Product name

 Chili Extract


 Capsicum annuum L.

Extraction part



Oil-soluble capsicum oleoresin: 1-10% O/S

Water-soluble capsicum oleoresin

 1-10% W/S

Decolorized capsicum oleoresin

 1-6.6% W/S, 1-6.6% O/S

Powdered capsicum extract

 Powder 1% W/S


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2. Health products

3. Medicine

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