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White Lentil Extract
  • White Lentil ExtractWhite Lentil Extract

White Lentil Extract

White lentil is a tonic for deficiency. White lentil extract has various pharmacological effects such as inhibiting dysentery bacteria, antiviral, detoxifying, and sobering up.

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Product Description

Lentil, an annual twining herbaceous vine, up to 6m long. The stems are often lavender or light green, hairless or sparsely pubescent. There are three compound leaves; the petiole is 4-14cm long; the stipules are lanceolate or triangular-ovate, covered with white pubescence; the terminal petiole is 1.5-3.5cm long, and the petiole on both sides is shorter, 2-3mm long, evenly Covered with white pubescence; the terminal leaflets are broadly triangular-ovate, 5-10cm long, about the same width as the length, with a pointed apex and a broadly wedge-shaped or truncate base, with pubescence on both sides, more along the veins. There are 3 main veins emerging from the base, and they are pinnate on the sides; the lateral leaflets are obliquely ovate and unequal on both sides. Racemes are axillary, 15-25cm long, upright, with a relatively strong inflorescence axis; 2-4 or more flowers are clustered on the nodes of the inflorescence axis, and the bracts are tongue-shaped, with 2 bracts, falling early; the calyx is wide and bell-shaped, with an apex. 5 teeth, the upper 2 teeth are almost completely connate, the remaining 3 teeth are nearly equal, and the edges are densely covered with white pubescence; the corolla is butterfly-shaped, white or lavender, about 2cm long, the flag petal is broad oval, the apex is slightly concave inward, and the wing petals Oblique oval, with an ear-like protrusion on one side near the base, keel navicular shape, bent almost at a right angle; 10 stamens, 1 solitary, and the filaments of the remaining 9 are partially connected into a tube to cover the pistil; ovary linear , with silky hairs, glands at the base, white beards near the apex of the style, and capitate stigma. The pods are sickle-shaped or obovate-elliptic, flat, 5-8cm long, 1-3cm wide, with a wider apex and a downwardly curved beak on the top, with rough edges. 2-5 seeds, flat oval, white, reddish brown or almost black, 8-13mm long, 6-9mm wide, 4-7mm thick, hilum and ridge long and raised, with a raised white half-moon on one edge Shape kind of Fu. The flowering period is from June to August and the fruiting period is from September.

Product introduction

Product name

 White lentil extract


 Dolichos lablab L.




 yellow-white powder


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2.Health products


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