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Betel Nut Extract
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Betel Nut Extract

Betel nut extract has the effects of eliminating food accumulation, sobering up, and deworming. Betel nut is slightly smaller than an egg, with a fibrous skin that contains one seed, which is betel nut seed. Betel nut endosperm is hard and has grayish brown spots. It is harvested before the fruit fully ripens from August to November, peeled, boiled, cut into thin slices and dried in the sun. After drying, it turns dark brown or black. When chewed, it can be covered with betel leaves.

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Product Description

Betel nut extract is the mature seed extract of Areca catechu L., an evergreen tree plant of the palm family. The main chemical components are alkaloids, fatty acids, tannins and amino acids. In addition, there are also polysaccharides, areca nut red pigments and saponins.

1. Alkaloids: Betel nut contains 0.3%-0.6% of total alkaloids, among which arecoline (arecohne) is the main ingredient, which is an effective ingredient for repelling insects. Raw betel nut has the highest content of this ingredient. The rest are Arecaidine, Guvacine, Guvacoline, Arecolidine, Homoarecoline and Isodemethylarecoline Isoguvacine etc. Arecoline 0.3% ~ 0.63%, arecoline 0.31% ~ 0.66%, desmethylarecoline 0.03% ~ 0.06%, desmethylarecoline 0.19% ~ 0.72%.

2. Fatty acids: Betel nut seeds contain about 14% fat, of which the fatty acids with higher content are linoleic acid 32.12%, oleic acid 29.50%, and palmitic acid 27.70%, indicating that the fatty acids of areca nut contain both high levels of saturated fatty acids (palm acid) and contains a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid). Other fatty acids include pelargonic acid, benzoic acid, and n-pentadecanoic acid.

3. Tannins: The tannins in areca nut are condensed tannins, which are flavanol derivatives and exist in combination with arecoline, with a content of about 15%. Areca nut contains a variety of condensed tannins, including Arecatannin A1, Arecatannin A2, Arecatannin A3, Arecatannin B1, Arecatannin B2 and Arecatannin C1, etc.

4. Amino acids: Betel nut also contains amino acids. Traditional Chinese Medicine records that betel nut contains more than 15% proline and more than 10% tyrosine. And contains phenylalanine, arginine and small amounts of tryptophan and methionine. Areca nut contains 14 kinds of amino acids, 7 kinds of essential amino acids, among which glutamic acid, valine, leucine, histidine and phenylalanine are relatively high.

5. Inorganic elements: Betel nut contains a variety of trace elements Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn and major mineral elements K, Ca, Mg that are essential for the human body.

6. Others: Betel nut contains polysaccharides, alkaloids and phenolic substances, in addition to flavonoids, the red pigment betel nut red and colorless anthocyanin (Leucocyanidin), colorless cyanidin, resin, volatile oil, endosperm Contains catechin, anthocyanins and their polymers, choline and saponins. Flavonoids: isorhamnetin, quercetin, liquiritin, (+)-catechin, 5,7,4'-trih y droxy -3',5'-dimeth oxy flavanone; phenolics: trans Formula resveratrol, ferulic acid, vanillic acid; 3 steroidal components: peroxyergosterol, stigmaster-4-en-3-one, β-sitosterol and 2 other components cycloaltinol, de-O -methyllasiodiplodin.

Arecoline: Colorless and odorless oily liquid. Boiling point: 209℃, 92℃~93℃ (7mmHg), 105℃ (12mmHg). Miscible with water, ethanol and ether, soluble in chloroform. Hydrochloride is needle-shaped crystal with a melting point of 158°C and is soluble in water and ethanol.

Arecoline: flake crystal (dilute ethanol), melting point 232°C (decomposition). Easily soluble in water and dilute alcohol, almost insoluble in absolute ethanol, chloroform, ether and benzene. The melting point of hydrochloride is 251°C, its needle-like crystal decomposition point is 263°C (rapid heating), and it is easily soluble in water.

Product introduction

Product name

Areca nut fruit extract


Areca catechu L

Extraction parts



5:1 10:1 20:1


Brown yellow powder


1. Medicine

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