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American Ginseng Extract

American Ginseng Extract

American ginseng is a type of "refreshing" ginseng, which has a bitter and slightly sweet taste, a cool nature, and has the effects of nourishing yin and qi, generating saliva and quenching thirst, eliminating irritability, clearing deficiency fire, nourishing qi, and anti fatigue, The American ginseng extract contains a component called ginsenoside, which has the effect of enhancing the body's resistance. Therefore, people with weaker physical constitution, such as the elderly and those seriously ill, often taking American ginseng can have a certain effect on enhancing physical fitness. And some people with chronic diseases, such as those with chronic hepatitis B, taking American ginseng will also be conducive to the control and improvement of the disease.

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Product Description

1. Ginseng is the root of ginseng of Araliaceae plant. In China, the consumption of ginseng has a long history. As early as the time of "Shen Nong's Materia Medica", it was rated as high-quality. In the Tang Dynasty, people began to buy wild ginseng from North Korea. In the ginseng business of the traditional Chinese medicine industry, ginseng is divided into three varieties: wild ginseng, cultivated ginseng and Korean ginseng according to quality, origin and development environment. Ginseng can be divided into sun-dried ginseng, red ginseng and sugared ginseng according to different processing methods.

2. Ginseng extract mainly contains a variety of ginsenosides, including Rb1, Rb2, Rd, Rc, Re, Ro, Re, Rf, Rg1, etc., and also contains small amounts of β-gludosterol, flavonoids, clover, ginseng flavonoids, and ginseng flavonoids. Glucoside xanthoside.

3. Ginseng stimulates the whole body, helps overcome stress, prolongs life, fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue, improves brain cell function, and benefits the heart and circulation. It is also used to normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent arteriosclerosis. It is used to help protect the body from radiation and as an antidote to drugs and toxic chemicals.

Product introduction

Product name

American ginseng extract



Extraction part



Ginsenosides 5%-30%


light yellow powder


1. Applicable to the food field, it is a nutritious food that is beneficial to the brain;

2. Used in the pharmaceutical field, it can be used to treat coronary heart disease with good results;

3. Used in the field of cosmetics, it has the functions of whitening, removing spots, anti-wrinkle and activating skin cells.

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