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Cistanche Deserticola Extract

Cistanche Deserticola Extract

The traditional Chinese medicine ingredient Cistanche deserticola is a Yang tonifying medicine, which is the dry fleshy stem with scaly leaves of the Cistanche deserticola or Cistanche tubulosa, a plant in the family Araceae. Cistanche deserticola extract has many pharmacological effects, such as anti-aging, anti fatigue, anti Alzheimer's disease, enhancing immunity, protecting liver, promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, and lowering blood pressure.

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Cistanche deserticola, an endangered species of the Orobanthaceae family, is also known as Da Yun, Cun Yun, Cistanche deserticola, Chagan Gaoya (Mongolian). Traditional Chinese medicine calls it goblin or golden bamboo shoots. It is an extremely valuable nourishing product and has been used as a food by various countries in the Western Regions in history. Treasures presented as tribute to the imperial court. Cistanche deserticola prefers to grow on lightly salted soft sandy land. It usually grows on sandy land or semi-fixed sand dunes, dry old river beds, lake basin lowlands, etc. The habitat conditions are very poor. The climate suitable for growing areas is arid, with low rainfall, high evaporation, long sunshine hours, and large temperature differences between day and night. The soil is mainly gray-brown desert soil and brown desert soil. It is a parasitic plant that lives on the roots of desert trees Haloxylon ammodendron and tamarisk. The host Haloxylon ammodendron is a strong early-growing plant, and Cistanche deserticola is mostly parasitic on its 30-100 cm deep lateral roots. Born in the desert at an altitude of 225-1150m, parasitic on the roots of Haloxylon ammodendron and Haloxylon ammodendron and other plants in the Chenopodiaceae family. Distributed in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang, it is known as "desert ginseng" and has extremely high medicinal value. It is a precious traditional Chinese medicinal material in China and one of the most frequently used tonic drugs in prescriptions for tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang in the past. one.

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Cistanche deserticola extract


Cistanche Deserticola

Extraction part



10:1, 20:11%-30% echinaceaside


Brown-yellow powder



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