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Motherwort Extract

Motherwort Extract

Motherwort extract contains various trace elements. Selenium can enhance the activity of immune cells, alleviate the occurrence of atherosclerosis, and improve the body's defense function system against disease; Manganese can resist oxidation, aging, fatigue, and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Motherwort extract can be used for menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, lochia, postpartum blood stasis and abdominal pain, nephritis and edema, poor urination, sores and toxins, and injuries caused by falls and injuries.

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Product Description

Leonurus artemisia, also known as: Rhizoma sibiricum, sedge, Kuncao, Jiuzhonglou, mica grass, Sendi[1], Latin scientific name: Leonurus artemisia (Laur.) S. Y. Hu F, is a plant of the genus Leonurus in the Lamiaceae family and blooms in summer. Its dry aerial parts are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and are produced in most parts of China. They are used raw or in a paste. Annual or biennial herbs are distributed in most parts of the country and grow in mountain wilderness, field ridges, grasslands, etc. It is picked when the flowers are growing luxuriantly in summer and are not fully bloomed. It tastes bitter and cool, activates blood circulation, removes stasis, regulates menstruation, and eliminates water. It can treat irregular menstruation, fetal leakage, dystocia, retained afterbirth, postpartum haemorrhage, blood stasis, abdominal pain, and metrorrhagia. Lower, hematuria, diarrhea, carbuncles, sores and sores.

Motherwort has diuretic, swelling, and uterine contraction effects. It has been an important medicine used by doctors throughout the ages to treat gynecological diseases.

The whole plant of motherwort can be used as medicine, and the active ingredient is motherwort. Motherwort contains various alkaloids such as motherwortine, stachydrine, motherwortine, motherwortine, benzoic acid, potassium chloride, etc.

Motherwort preparations have the effect of stimulating the uterus of animals. Similar to pituitary hormone, motherwort extract and decoction have a strong and lasting excitatory effect on the uterus, which not only enhances its contractility, but also increases its tone and contraction rate.

Product introduction

Product Name

Motherwort Extract


Leonurus japonicus Houtt

Parts extracted

whole plant




Brown yellow powder


1. Medicine;

2. Health products.

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