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Qingdao BioHoer Biotech Co., Ltd. has officially started construction


Qingdao BioHoer Biotech Co., Ltd. officially started construction on February 23, 2024. The beginning of the year lies in spring. After experiencing the Spring Festival holiday, on the first day of the new year, everyone is fully enthusiastic and devoted to their work.

Qingdao BioHoer Biotech Co., Ltd. is a modern Chinese medicine production group company integrating Chinese medicine planting, Chinese medicine decoction piece processing, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations manufacturing, product research and development, import and export trade.

Our company has a research and development laboratory of over 1500 square meters, experimental equipment and facilities, and is equipped with multiple sets of advanced testing instruments, with strong technical research and development capabilities. There are currently multiple undergraduate and undergraduate technical personnel, including 2 master's students and dozens of undergraduate students.

In terms of medicinal herb cultivation, the company mainly grows and promotes Shandong authentic medicinal herbs, including Danshen, Wuzhitao, ginger, Baibu, Dishen, Bufo, etc. In terms of natural drug extraction, the company adopts advanced extraction technologies such as enzymatic extraction and supercritical extraction, and continuously develops new products. The main products include tanshinone extract, Eucommia ulmoides extract, Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, hawthorn extract, ginsenoside extract, mugwort essential oil, Huanghua pear essential oil, chenodeoxycholic acid, star anise oil, etc. Qingdao BioHoer Biotech Co., Ltd. has achieved excellent results in the cultivation, promotion, and extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, demonstrating good development momentum and potential, and has been recognized by the same industry.

We sincerely hope to establish multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign customers, work together, and develop together.

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