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BioHoer was invited by an Indonesian client to visit their company


Thanks for the special invitation from the Indonesian client. Our company was invited to Indonesia to meet and visit the client's company. On the same day, we were also received by the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian government. We feel very honored. The Indonesian client we are visiting has been cooperating with our company for a year now, and they have given us special recognition and a pleasant cooperation. We believe that we can continue our long-term cooperation.

The company is a modern Chinese medicine production group company integrating the planting of Chinese medicine, processing of Chinese medicine slices, production of traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations, product research and development, and import and export trade. The main products are Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations preparations, Chinese herbal extracts, especially for the export of refined Chinese herbal medicines with unique processing technology and production capacity. Our products are exported to countries such as South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hungary, etc. If you are interested in plant extracts and traditional Chinese medicine, please feel free to cooperate with us at BioHoer.

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