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Artemisia Capillaris Thunb Extract
  • Artemisia Capillaris Thunb ExtractArtemisia Capillaris Thunb Extract

Artemisia Capillaris Thunb Extract

Artemisia capillaris thunb is bitter, slightly cold and clear, with a clear and fragrant qi that flows into the spleen, stomach, liver, and gallbladder meridians. Artemisia capillaris thunb extract is good at clearing dampness and heat, and reducing jaundice. It is an essential medicine for treating jaundice, suitable for both yang yellow and yin yellow. Simultaneously relieve itching, treat wet sores and eczema itching.

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Product Description

Artemisia capillaris thunb is the dry above-ground part of the Asteraceae plant Artemisia scoparia Waldst.etkit. or A. capillaris Thunb. Other names include Artemisia arborescens, continuous Artemisia arborescens, stone wormwood, mountain wormwood, west wormwood, northern wormwood, wild wormwood, white wormwood, and fragrant wormwood. Chemicalbook is mainly produced in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places. Bitter, pungent, cool. Enters the liver, spleen and bladder meridians. It has the effects of clearing away heat, promoting diuresis, promoting gallbladder and reducing jaundice. Modern pharmacological research has proven that Artemisia arborescens and its components have strong anti-tumor activity and antioxidant effects. After the old bacteria are extracted with solvents such as ethanol, brown lumps or particles are obtained, which are the old bacteria extracts.

Product introduction

Product Name

Artemisia Capillaris Thunb Extract


 Alisma plantago-aquatica Linn

Extraction parts

stems and leaves




Brown yellow powder


1. Medicine

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