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Asarum Extract
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Asarum Extract

Asarum has the effects of dispelling wind, dispelling cold, promoting hydration, and opening the orifices. Commonly used for wind cold headache, nasal abyss, toothache, phlegm and cough reflux, rheumatic pain, etc. Asarum extract can not only dispel wind and cold externally, but also dispel yin and cold internally. At the same time, it has better analgesic and antitussive effects.

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Product Description

Asarum extract is the dry whole plant extract of Asarum heterotropoides Fr.var.mandshuricum (Maxim.) Kitag., Asarum sieboldii Miq.var.seoulense Nakai or Asarum sieboldii MiChemicalbookq., which is mainly effective. The ingredients are volatile oils, which contain eugenol phenol methyl ether, sassafras ether, β-pinene, asarone, asarone, etc. The volatile oil has a special aromatic smell, and asarum has been developed and used abroad as a moth-proof filler and mosquito-proof and insect-repellent raw material for building materials. Asarum extract has various pharmacological effects such as antipyretic, analgesic, sedation, central nervous system depression, and local anesthesia.

Product introduction

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Asarum extract


Asarum heterotropoides Fr. Schmidt var. mandshuricum (Maxim.) Kitag., Asarum sieboldii Miq.var.seou1ense Nakai or Asarum sieboldii Miq.

Extraction part





yellow-white powder


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