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Coptis Chinensis Extract
  • Coptis Chinensis ExtractCoptis Chinensis Extract

Coptis Chinensis Extract

Chinese medicinal herb coptis chinensis is a heat clearing medicine, which is the dry rhizome of plants in the Ranunculaceae family, such as Huanglian, Sanjiaoye Huanglian, or Yunlian. Coptis chinensis extract has the effects of clearing heat, drying dampness, purging fire, and detoxifying.

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Product Description

Coptis chinensis extract, the English name is COPTIS CHINENSIS ROOT EXTRACT. Coptis chinensis extract is mainly used as a skin conditioner and antioxidant in cosmetics and skin care products. The risk coefficient is 1. It is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. It generally has no effect on pregnant women. Coptis chinensis extract The extract is non-comedogenic.

The rhizome is the famous traditional Chinese medicine "Coptis", which contains alkaloids such as berberine, coptisine, methylcoptine, and palmitine. It can treat acute conjunctivitis, acute bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, vomiting blood, and carbuncle furuncle. Ulcers and other symptoms. , antibacterial effect, antifungal effect, antiviral effect, antiamoebic effect, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal effect, cardiovascular effect, antipyretic effect, hypoglycemic effect, antioxidant effect, and effect on the blood system. The component of Coptis chinensis extract itself is berberine. By taking some berberine, it can effectively clear away dampness, purge fire and detoxify. It can also remove dampness and heat from the middle scorch and the dampness and heat from the heart meridian. Patients who also suffer from diabetes can also choose to use some coptis to lower blood sugar in normal times, because berberine has an anti-glucohormone effect and can also effectively promote the regeneration of pancreatic islet B cells, which is very effective in treating diabetes.

Product introduction

Product name

Coptis chinensis extract


Coptis chinensis Franch, Coptis deltoidea C.Y.Cheng et Hsiao, Coptis teeta Wall.

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yellow-white powder


1. Medicine

2. Health care

3. Cosmetics

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