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Cuscuta Seed Extract
  • Cuscuta Seed ExtractCuscuta Seed Extract

Cuscuta Seed Extract

Cuscuta seed belongs to the category of tonifying yang medicine. The cuscuta seed extract has sex hormone like effects, delaying aging, anti osteoporosis, enhancing immunity, anti cardiovascular and renal ischemia, and promoting melanin formation.

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Product Description

Cuscuta chinensis (scientific name: Cuscuta chinensis Lam.), also known as Zenzhen, bean parasite, bean hell, yellow silk, yellow silk vine, chicken blood vine, golden silk vine, etc. Annual parasitic herb. The stems are twining, yellow, slender, and leafless. The inflorescence is lateral, with few or many flowers clustered into small umbels or small umbels; the bracts and bracteoles are small and scale-like; the pedicel is slightly thicker; the calyx is cup-shaped, united below the middle, and the lobes are triangular; the corolla is white , pot-shaped; stamens bearing corolla lobes are curved and slightly missing at the lower part; scales are oblong; ovary is subglobose, styles 2. Capsule spherical, almost entirely surrounded by persistent corolla. Seeds 2-49, light brown, ovate, about 1 mm long, rough surface.

Distributed in China, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Australia. It grows on the edges of fields, sunny places on hillsides, roadside shrubs or seaside dunes at an altitude of 200-3000 meters. It is usually parasitic on various plants such as Leguminosae, Asteraceae and Tribulus.

Product introduction

Product name

Cuscuta seed extract


Cuscuta chinensis Lam.

Extraction parts



 5:1 10:1 20:1 60% polysaccharide


Brown yellow powder


1. Medicine

2. Health products

3. Drinks

4. Food additives

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