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Pomegranate Peel Extract
  • Pomegranate Peel ExtractPomegranate Peel Extract

Pomegranate Peel Extract

The main functions of pomegranate peel extract include clearing heat and detoxifying, astringent and antidiarrheal, moistening the lungs and resolving phlegm, dispelling dampness and diuresis, strengthening the stomach and digestion, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, etc. The main symptoms include diarrhea, oral ulcers, cough, mastitis, etc.

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Product Description

Pomegranate is a deciduous shrub or tree, usually 3-5 meters high, rarely up to 10 meters high. The tops of the branches are often sharp and long thorns, the young branches are angular and hairless, and the old branches are nearly cylindrical. The leaves are usually opposite, papery, oblong-lanceolate, 2-9 cm long, with short pointed, blunt pointed or slightly concave apex, short pointed to slightly blunt base, bright upper surface, slightly fine lateral veins; short petiole. The flowers are large, with 1-5 flowers on the top of the branches; the calyx tube is 2-3 cm long, usually red or light yellow, the lobes are slightly abducted, ovate-triangular, 8-13 mm long, and there is 1 yellow-green gland near the top outside, with edges There are small papillae; the petals are usually large, red, yellow or white, 1.5-3 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, with a rounded top; the filaments are glabrous, up to 13 mm long; the style is longer than the stamens. The berries are nearly spherical, 5-12 cm in diameter, usually light yellowish brown or light yellowish green, sometimes white, or dark purple. There are many seeds, obtuse-shaped, red to milky white, with fleshy outer testa for consumption. This product is the peel extract of Punica granatum L., a plant of the Pomegranate family.

Product introduction

Product name

Pomegranate peel extract


Punica granatum L

Extraction part

dried peel


Ellagic acid 10%-40%


gray fine powder


1. Medicine;

2. Health food;

2. Cosmetics;

3. Plaster.

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