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Safflower Extract
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Safflower Extract

The traditional Chinese medicine safflower is a blood activating and stasis removing medicine, which is a dried flower of the Asteraceae plant safflower. Safflower extract has the effects of promoting blood circulation, unblocking meridians, dispersing blood stasis, and relieving pain.

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Product Description

Safflower extract is the dried flower extract of the Asteraceae plant safflower (Carthamustinctorius L.). It mainly contains flavonoids, fatty acids, pigments, phenolic acids, volatile oils and other active ingredients. Yellow pigments and red pigments are widely used in food , beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing industries. Safflower is the dried flower of Carthamustinctorius L., a plant in the Compositae family. It is also known as grass safflower, huaihonghua, thorn safflower, etc. Safflower is an annual herb, about 1 meter high. Stem erect, hairless, branched above. The leaves are oblong or ovate-lanceolate, 4 to 12 cm long, 1 to 3 cm wide, pointed at the top, narrow or rounded at the base, sessile, clasping the stem at the base, with pinnately toothed edges and acupuncture at the ends of the teeth. , hairless on both sides, the upper leaves are gradually smaller, forming bracts surrounding the flower head. The inflorescence is 3 to 4 cm in diameter, pedunculated, and arranged in a corymb shape; the involucre is nearly spherical, about 2 cm long and 2.5 cm wide; the outer bracts are ovate-lanceolate, slightly contracted above the base, green, with sharp edges. Acupuncture, the inner layer is oval-elliptical, the entire edge below the middle, the top is long and pointed, and the upper edge has slightly short spines; the tubular flowers are orange. Achenes are oval or obovate, about 5 mm long, slightly skewed at the base, with four edges, no pappus, or pappus scaly. The flowering period is from June to July; the fruiting period is from August to September. Currently, there are 20 to 25 species of safflower plants recognized in the world, but there is only one species in my country. Safflower is mainly produced in Xinjiang, Hunan, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other places in my country, and is cultivated throughout the country. It is pungent and warm in nature; it returns to the heart and liver meridian, and is a good medicine for promoting blood circulation, promoting menstruation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain. The northwest region of my country is the most suitable region for the development and development of safflower series products. By the end of the 1990s, products such as safflower seed oil and saffron wine had been developed. At the beginning of the 21st century, Chinese researchers used advanced technology and technology to successfully synthesize conjugated linoleic acid (Conjugatellinoleic acid) using safflower oil. This substance has the functions of antioxidant, improving immunity, preventing and treating diabetes, inhibiting tumors, regulating lipid metabolism, inhibiting fat deposition, and promoting growth and development.

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Safflower Extract


Carthamus tinctorius L.

Extraction part





yellow-white powder


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2. Health care

3. Food

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