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Scaphium Scaphigerum Extract
  • Scaphium Scaphigerum ExtractScaphium Scaphigerum Extract

Scaphium Scaphigerum Extract

Scaphium Scaphigerum is the dried and mature seed of wutong plant Panghai. Sweet in taste and cold in nature. Scaphium Scaphigerum extract can be used for lung heat and hoarseness, dry cough without phlegm, sore throat, hot nodules and closed stools, headache and red eyes.

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Product Description

Scaphium Scaphigerum (Latin scientific name: SEMEN STERCULIAE LYCHNOPHORAE), also known as: SEMEN STERCULIAE LYCHNOPHORAE, alias: SEMEN STERCULIAE LYCHNOPHORAE, alias: the dried and mature seeds of Sterculia lychnophora Hance, a plant of the Sterculiaceae family.

It is spindle-shaped or oval-shaped, 2 to 3cm long and 1 to 1.5cm in diameter. The apex is blunt and rounded, the base is slightly pointed and crooked, with a light-colored round hilum, the surface is brown or dark brown, slightly shiny, and has irregular dry shrinkage wrinkles. The outer peel is extremely thin, brittle and easy to peel off. The middle peel is thick, dark brown, loose and brittle, and swells into a sponge shape when exposed to water. Scattered resin-like dots can be seen in the cross section. The inner peel can be peeled off from the middle peel, which is slightly leathery. There are 2 pieces of thick endosperm inside, which are broadly ovoid in shape; 2 cotyledons are thin, close to the inside of the endosperm, and are as large as the endosperm. The smell is slight, the taste is light, and it is sticky when chewed.

Produced in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries. When the fruit matures and cracks from April to June, the seeds are harvested and dried in the sun.

Product introduction

Product Name

Scaphium Scaphigerum Extract


Semen Sterculiae Lychnophorae

Extraction parts





Brown yellow powder




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