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Trichosanthes Extract
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Trichosanthes Extract

Trichosanthes is a medication for resolving phlegm, relieving cough, and relieving asthma. Trichosanthes extract has various pharmacological effects such as antitussive, expectorant, vasodilator, anti ulcer, anti myocardial ischemia, and anti-cancer.

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Product Description

Trichosanthes extract is an active substance extracted from the dried and mature fruits of the Trichosanthes rosthornii Harms plant of the Trichosanthes family. It mainly contains oils, sterols, flavonoids, triterpenes, amino acids, proteins, etc. Element. Trichosanthes melon is also known as Dilou, Zeju, Tiangua, Gualou, Zegu, Shigua, wild balsam pear, Dugua, etc. Nature and flavor are sweet, slightly bitter, and cold. Enters the lung, stomach and large intestine meridians. It has the effects of clearing away heat and removing phlegm, widening the chest and dispersing stagnation, moistening dryness and smoothing the intestines. It is used for cough due to lung heat, turbid yellow and thick phlegm, chest pain and heartache, chest congestion, breast abscess, lung abscess, swollen and painful intestinal abscess, and constipation.

Product introduction

Product name

Trichosanthes extract


Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim. or Trichosanthes rosthornii Harms

Extraction part





yellow-white powder


1. Medicine

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